Library regulations

Use of the library

Everybody is welcome at the libraries of Varde Kommune. The library is to be looked upon as a common livingroom in which it should be pleasant to be. Therefore, we kindly ask you to show consideration for each other and follow the instructions of the staff.

Children in first grade or older can use the library by themselves in the serviced opening hours. Children attending preschool or younger must be accompanied by an adult in the serviced opening hours.

In our Open Libraries, i.e. un-serviced opening hours, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

​How to use the library

In the library you can read today's paper, use the reading areas, meet your friends, book a room, or use our printers and computers and participate in activities of culture and learning. When borrowing books, movies, toys, games etcetera, you must pay attention to the rules of borrowing.

Loan periods and library cards

Using the services in the library is free of charge. You can use your health insurance card or get a library card. Children and young people under the age of 18 must have permission from their guardian before being registered at the library.

If you lose your health insurance card/library card, please inform the library staff at once so that we can block the card. You are responsible for improper use until your card is blocked. 

By informing us of your mobile phone number or e-mail address, you will recieve a message to help you remember due dates, reservations etcetera. However, this is an extra service only. You are still responsible for returning your borrowed items on time. Due date can for example be seen on your loan receipt.

Overdue fees

​If you do not return your borrowed items on time you must pay a fee. The fees are:

 AdultsChildren (0-17 years)
Loan period exceeded by 1-7 days20 DDK5 DKK
Loan period exceeded by 8-14 days40 DKK10 DKK
Loan period exceeded by 15-21 days80 DKK20 DKK
Loan period exceeded by 22-30 days120 DKK30 DKK
Loan period exceeded by more than 30 days220 DKK60 DKK

Please notice that the fees for having exceeded the loan period do not go away when returning or renewing a borrowed item.

Responsibility and compensation

You are responsible for the items you or your child borrow. Therefore, you must pay compensation if an item is damaged or lost. The compensation amount will be the purchase price plus a surcharge for handling the item. Some types of items cost more due to special rights. 

In case of disagreement as to whether an item is returned or not, you must prove that the borrowed item is returned, for example by showing the receipt of delivery. 

You may be excluded from borrowing if you repeatedly lose or damage borrowed items. This also applies if you owe 300 DKK or more in fines or compensation.

Should you forget to return your borrowed items on time or if you are to pay compensation due to a lost item, you will receive an invoice from Varde Municipality in your digital mailbox. The amount must then be transferred via Mit Betalingsoverblik.

The library assumes no responsibility for any damages in connection with the use of borrowed items.

The library regulations have been established according to the Public Libraries Act and adopted by Udvalget for Kultur og Fritid 07.05.2018.

You are always welcome to contact us. Please send us an e-mail at or call 75221088 if you have any questions.

​We look forward to seeing you at the library!